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Family Plunge Pools Designed For Your Small Backyard in Coomera, Queensland

We at Plunge Pools Coomera are proud of our ability to transform any little-smaller backyard into a relaxing oasis.

Our professional team has a keen eye for detail and is passionate about creating the perfect swimming pool for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a freeform swimming pool or a modern precast concrete option, we have something to suit your needs. With a wide range of dimensions, outlines, and finishes available, we’re in no doubt that we can create the perfect pool for your backyard in Coomera.

So if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, fill out our form today and let us show you what we can do.

Precast Plunge Pools VS Traditional Swimming Pools

Why A Plunge Pool?

A small plungie is an contemporary solution for homeowners seeking the perfect balance between luxury and practicality. Smaller in size than a traditional pool, plunge pools are cost-effective and area-efficient option for those with limited out-of-doors areas in Coomera.

While they may seem small in size, these pools are engineered to offer the pinnacle of relaxation, serving as both a refreshing plunge pool and a tranquil spa. Our bespoke shotcrete and precast concrete plunge pools incorporate exclusive features and benefits like advanced water circulation systems, customizable jets, and magnesium water, taking your open-air living experience to another level.

Benefits Of A Plunge Pool

Plunge pools offer a variety of benefits that make them an attractive addition to many homes:

Compactness: Plunge pools are a perfect fit for smaller yards due to their diminutive size.

Cost Savings: Their small size leads to lower installation and upkeep costs.

Promotes Wellness: Perfect for gentle exercises and hydrotherapy, fostering a healthy lifestyle.

Beat the Heat: Provides an excellent way to cool down during scorching summer days.

Quick Installation: The pre-fabricated design means faster, less disruptive installation.

Property Enhancement: They can boost your home’s market value and attractiveness.

Stress Relief: Acts as a therapeutic space to relax, particularly models with in-built jet systems.

Environmentally Friendly: Uses less water and energy compared to larger pools, promoting sustainability.

Adaptable: Can be temperature controlled for use throughout the year.

Visual Appeal: They add a stylish, appealing touch to your landscape design.

Precast Concrete Plunge Pool Coomera

You Have The Choice!

We Only Work With The Best In The Industry!

For our prefab plunge pools in Coomera, we’ve collaborated with top supplier in Queensland, Plungie, both known for producing top-tier precast concrete plunge pools that address a range of needs and preferences.

Our precast concrete pools are carefully constructed to offer an unbeatable trifecta of affordability, resilience, and low upkeep. Made off-site under strict supervision, they assure a harmonious quality which is difficult to achieve through standard construction procedures.

Take A Look At Our Gallery

Wherever You Need Us: Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Come and browse through our Concrete Plunge Pool gallery and appreciate the perplexing elements our pool has in store. Select your dream pool and make a start on those tranquil moments of relaxation in your newly designed backyard oasis.

Need a different size? We’ll custom-make your dream pool! Call us on 07 3522 2949 for special requests.

Custom Pools & Spa Builders In Coomera

We Build Customized Pools

Plunge Pools Coomera believes in crafting a pool as distinctive as its owner. We employ premium shotcrete for our tailored pools. The multitude of customization choices lets you carve a backyard paradise that mirrors your individuality and fashion. With several sizes, contours, tints, and finishes, you can blueprint a pool that satisfies your operational requirements and enriches the visuals of your outdoor place.

Why A Shotcrete Pool?

If a durable pool solution is what you’re after, consider the shotcrete method provided by our seasoned shotcrete contractors. Shotcrete is a top-tier, premium-quality material, applied via a high-pressure hose for a sturdy and uniform outcome. Known for its lasting durability, resistance to everyday wear and tear, and long lifespan, it’s a versatile choice for realizing complex shapes and textures in your ideal pool design.

Infinity Edge Pool

Infinity edge pools, also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools, are the personification of luxury and sophistication. These wonderful pools are designed with one or more edges that appear to merge seamlessly with the horizon, creating an optical illusion of water extending infinitely into the distance. An infinity edge pool’s visual impact is spectacular, providing a distinctive and captivating focal point for your outside living space. These pools offer a astounding design element and create a cool and calming ambiance, making them the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Freeform Pool

Freeform pools are an increasingly popular choice for those who desire a more organic and natural look for their outer oasis. These pools are characterized by their fluid shapes and smooth, flowing lines, seamlessly merging with the surrounding landscape. This harmonious integration creates a visually breathtaking focal point that enhances the beauty and tranquillity of your outer living space.

Leading Shotcrete Pool Builder

Premium shotcrete is a superior material choice for plunge pools. Its application offers speedy construction, cost-effectiveness over the long term due to its low maintenance needs and high durability, and it’s eco-friendly as it’s crafted from natural materials.

Shotcrete pools are energy-efficient, having superior thermal insulation properties which contribute to lower energy costs for pool heating. With shotcrete, you can enjoy a tailor-fit design that suits the unique contours of your yard and benefit from a low-maintenance pool, standing the test of time without worrying about expensive repairs. Get in touch today for a quote on a shotcrete pool installation to begin your journey towards a lifetime of poolside happiness.

Magnesium Swimming Pool Technology

Utilizing a magnesium-based water treatment system, our plunge pools offer numerous advantages for your health, wellness, and the environment. Magnesium, a natural mineral, is gentle on your skin and hair, delivering a softer, smoother texture while assisting in muscle relaxation and alleviating aches.

Additionally, these magnesium pools are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts, requiring less water and fewer chemicals to maintain, thus reducing the ecological impact and ongoing expenses.

Concrete Inground Pool

Our concrete inground and semi-inground plunge pools are designed to integrate seamlessly into your garden, offering a stylish and functional inground option that’s both affordable and durable. These pools are crafted from prime precast concrete or, optionally, can be customized thanks to our premium shotcrete. We ensure that all our products can withstand the test of time and resist common issues such as cracking and leakage. By choosing us, you’re investing in a low-maintenance, long-lasting addition to your place.

Concrete Above Ground Pool

Above-ground and semi-above-ground plunge pools provide several benefits, such as easier turn around time and reduced excavation costs, making them the perfect choice for owners with demanding landscapes or limited budgets. Furthermore, their elevated design can create a striking visual impact, adding a individual focal point to your outside place.

How It Works

Our passion and creative flair at Plunge Pools Coomera have led to our recognition throughout QLD. We have always been dedicated to creating mesmerizing custom plunge pools that reflect the lifestyle and aspirations of each individual client.

We handle all the requisite permits and approvals, sparing you the task of dealing with local regulations. Our team is devoted to delivering a smooth and stress-free experience from inception to completion, allowing you to concentrate on the thrill of making your dream pool a reality.

With our efficient installation method and our steadfast commitment to customer delight, you can rely on Plunge Pools Coomera to provide a stunning and practical plunge pool that is built to last.

Plunge Pools Coomera – Who We Are:

Your go-to resource for luxurious pools in Queensland

We are not just a pool building service. As superior plunge pool constructors in Queensland, we cater to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, specialising in top-of-the-line concrete and precast pools. Whether you choose our robust, economical PLUNGIE precast pools or seek a unique, individualistic touch with our custom shotcrete pools, our broad range guarantees the perfect pool builds for your home.

With two decades of in-depth expertise, our licensed and comprehensively insured team stays dedicated to a personalized solution and construction approach. Our commitment includes transparent, competitive pricing and detailed project timelines, along with flexible financing options to make your dream Gold Coast pool a reality.

Call us on 07 3522 2949 today to get started on your next project!

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