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Discover the benefits of concrete inground plunge pools for your backyard. Plunge Pools Gold Coast offers affordable, durable, and beautiful inground pools designed to fit any space. We have both custom and precast concrete options available!

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Invest in Your Home: Add a Stylish Inground Plunge Pool

Dreaming of transforming your backyard into a tranquil oasis? Whether you’re looking to cool off during those hot Gold Coast summers or simply want a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, an in-ground plunge pool might be just what you need. At Plunge Pools Gold Coast, we specialise in installing precast or creating custom concrete pools that are perfect for any backyard, big or small.

Compact, small inground plunge pool nestled in a tropical garden

Big Benefits in a Small Package

Don’t let a small backyard limit your dreams of having a pool. A small pool is perfect for compact spaces and offers all the benefits of a larger pool without taking up too much room. They are easier to maintain and can be heated for year-round use. Plus, they can be designed to fit any backyard aesthetic.

What Is A Semi Inground Pool?

A semi-inground pool is a versatile pool option that is partially installed into the ground, offering a blend of the benefits of both inground and above-ground pools. This type of pool is ideal for backyards with challenging landscapes, such as sloping terrain, as it can be adapted to fit the natural contours of your property. Semi-inground pools provide a sleek, integrated look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space while offering easier access and maintenance compared to fully inground pools. They are also a more cost-effective option, as they often require less excavation and site preparation.

Kid-friendly inground plunge pool with shallow entry steps

QBCC Licensed Builder

Locals can trust our QBCC-licensed builders to get the job done properly and on time.

Small & Affordable

Our affordable pool package is designed to fit your financial needs without compromising on quality.

Our 10-Years Warranty

Swim and enjoy a 10-year warranty on the pool shell. This is the confidence we guarantee our clients.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Beautiful Concrete Plunge Pool!

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Ever dreamt of having a luxurious concrete pool right in your backyard without the hefty price tag or space requirements of a traditional swimming pool? Well, it’s time to turn that dream into reality with our exquisite range of in ground plunge pools. Whether you’re looking to leisure after a long day or entertain friends in style, our pools are the perfect solution.

Luxurious inground plunge pool with a built-in lounge area

Cost Considerations

The cost of an in ground plunge pool can vary based on size, design, and additional features. At Plunge Pools Gold Coast, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to help you achieve your dream pool without breaking the bank.

Design Ideas for In-Ground Plunge Pools

From sleek, modern designs to natural, lagoon-like settings, the design possibilities for in-ground plunge pools are endless. Consider adding features like infinity edges, water features, or integrated lighting to create a truly unique and stunning pool.

Aerial view of a luxurious inground plunge pool with a modern design

Maximising Small Backyard Spaces

Even if your backyard is small, you can still enjoy the luxury of a plunge pool. By working with the natural shape and features of your yard, we can design a pool that maximises space while providing a beautiful and functional outdoor retreat.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Beautiful Inground Pool

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An inground plunge pool can transform your backyard into a luxurious retreat, offering countless benefits from relaxation to increased property value. At Plunge Pools Gold Coast, we are dedicated to helping you create the perfect pool for your space and lifestyle. Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards your dream pool.

The cost to install an inground plunge pool varies depending on the size, design, and additional features you choose. On average, prices can range from $40,000 to $50,000. For a precise quote tailored to your needs, please contact us for a free consultation.

Financing options can make the dream of owning a plunge pool more accessible. At Plunge Pools Gold Coast, we offer flexible pool finance plans to help you achieve your backyard goals without financial stress.

A semi-inground plunge pool offers several advantages, including easier installation and maintenance compared to fully inground pools. They are ideal for sloping or uneven terrain and can be customized to fit seamlessly into your backyard landscape. Additionally, they tend to be more cost-effective, requiring less excavation and site preparation.

The installation process for a precast plunge pool typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and any additional features you choose. This timeline includes designing the pool, obtaining permits, excavation, construction, and finishing touches.

Yes, our pools are designed to be energy-efficient. We offer options for energy-efficient pumps, heaters, and lighting systems that help reduce overall energy consumption and operating costs. Additionally, features like solar heating can further enhance the energy efficiency of your pool.

Absolutely! At Plunge Pools Gold Coast, we specialise in creating custom inground plunge pools tailored to your specific needs and preferences. From the shape and size to finishes, water features, and lighting, you have the flexibility to design a pool that perfectly complements your backyard and lifestyle.


Yes, we offer comprehensive warranties on our inground plunge pools. Our standard warranty includes a 10-year guarantee on the pool shell, ensuring long-term durability and peace of mind. We also provide warranties on equipment and finishes, depending on the options you choose. Contact us for detailed warranty information tailored to your pool installation.

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